Self-Powered Wireless Controls

enOcean Alliance


  • Zero Power Consumption: energy harvesting technology provides the energy to power the devices, eliminating additional expenses to the end user's energy bill; lowest power consumption on wireless receivers at less than one Watt per device
  • No Batteries or External Power Required: exclusive "battery-less" technology significantly reduces callbacks, maintenance, and waste from battery manufacturing and disposal for additional savings
  • No Additional Wiring: energy harvesting wireless technology eliminates the need to pull additional wire making installation quick and easy and increasing labor savings with little to no impact to business during conversion
  • Easy Installation: with no power wire limitations, this enables the installer to place the devices in the optimal location for any application to control any compatible wireless device within range - the opportunities for energy savings are limitless
  • Additional Energy Savings: wireless technology supports simplified daylight harvesting and manual override options with no additional wiring; master switch stops current to devices that draw standby power and ensures lights, fans, and other devices are off when exiting
  • True Wireless: wireless devices are energy harvesting and communicates with all LevNet RF™ and EnOcean Receivers via radio frequency
  • Aesthetics: blends seamlessly with décor and architecture