Amplified RF Products and Modulators

Price: $31.20
The C-0310 from Channel Vision is a 10dB RF amplifier for increasing the strength of cable or antenna signals so they can be split to more outputs and/or sent further distances. Supporting 1GHZ, the amplifier is on a SMC mounting bracket.
C-0332 1 in 16 out RF Amplifier
Price: $77.28
An amplified splitter system that allows an antenna or CATV feed to be distributed to 16 different locations. The system consists of one CVT-1/2PIA dual output amplifier and two HS-8V 8-way splitters.
Vanco AMP200 1 x 1 HDTV Digital Bidirectional Signal Amplifier
Price: $59.95
Amplifies Weak Video Signals caused by Splitting the Signal for Multiple Television Installations. Handles all Cable and Off-Air Signals. Bidirectional Return Path for Cable Modem.
Vanco AMP202 1 x 2 HDTV Digital Bidirectional Signal Amplifier
Price: $59.95
The Vanco AMP202 1GHz bi-directional 11dB signal amplifier boosts weak video signals caused by splitting the signal for multiple television installations.