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The primary purpose of sound masking is to provide acoustical privacy, primarily that of speech. In cases where conversations are sensitive or confidential, such as in medical, financial, or personal discussions, it has been found that stress is relieved due to knowing that such conversations cannot be overheard. As a result, sound masking is used in the offices of psychiatrists, medical doctors, lawyers, and financial advisers. In cases where persons need to be relieved of having to listen to the sounds of others, it has been found to relieve stress due to annoyance prevention.

What applications can benefit most from Sound Masking Solutions?

  • Open Offices
  • Closed Offices
  • Hospitals (HIPAA Compliance)
  • Pharmacies (HIPPA Compliance)
  • Call Centers
  • Libraries
  • Secure Government Facilities (SCIFF)
  • Financial Institutions (HIPPA Compliance)