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Vizia RF+

Leviton Vizia RF + Z-Wave Lighting Control

The Vizia RF + family of products captures the essence of "smart" lighting control with its embedded Z-Wave® radio frequency technology and stylish new form factor that is compatible with Leviton's hallmark Decora® design.Vizia RF + complements Vizia +® standard dimmers and switches, expanding functionality to feature wireless communication, 2-way control, scene and zone control, and remote control operation. Vizia RF + products give homeowners the ability to program and control lighting and select household devices with the touch of a button. And it does it all by simply replacing standard switches and dimmers with intelligent Vizia RF + components.

Leviton's non-remote controlled Vizia + lighting controls offer an elegant, return-to-neutral design for the ultimate in visual and tactile appeal. Designed to look and feel like the Vizia RF + line they offer digital technology that adds precise control with features such as fade on / fades off, selectable fade rates and LED timeout options without the expense of the Z-Wave capability. The eco-friendly energy save mode allows the user to decrease the maximum brightness level to reduce energy and extend bulb life. Vizia + lighting controls are compatible with Leviton's legendary Decora® devices and screwless snap-on wall plates.

Leviton VRUSB-1US  RF Installer USB Stick
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