LevNet RF Wireless

enOcean Alliance


Energy Savings

  • Place virtually anywhere and control any compatible wireless device within range - the opportunities for energy savings are limitless
  • Wireless energy harvesting occupancy sensors turn lights and other devices off when a room is unoccupied
  • Wireless energy harvesting temperature sensors set heating or air conditioning to an "economy" setting
  • Master switch stops current to devices that draw standby power and ensures lights, fans, and other devices are off when exiting

Material Savings

  • No wires to run - reduce the amount of materials, labor, and time on installation
  • No batteries or external power required - save on materials, energy, and waste from battery manufacturing and disposal

Minimize Costs

  • Shorten electrical planning by hours
  • Reduce labor required for initial installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible, adaptable systems can be moved or expanded with ease after initial installation
  • Avoid wall repairs in retrofit applications
  • Eliminate switch legs, traveler wires, and other raw materials

Ideal Uses

  • Energy-wise lighting and HVAC control, hospitality energy management, classroom automation, building remodeling, retrofit projects and more
  • All LevNet RF™ devices are NAFTA/Buy America compliant