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Arlington LVH Series Low Voltage Device Mounting Bracket for new construction with wood or metal studs

This product qualifies for quantity discount pricing.

For new construction with wood or metal studs.

Designed to install LOW VOLTAGE Class 2 ONLY!

These mounting brackets have three sturdy tabs that provide extra-secure Vertical or Horizontal mounting of Class 2, low voltage wiring.

Designed for new construction, they hold firmly to wood or metal studs without wobbling. Smooth, non-conductive plastic protects cable from damage, and you can tie off wires through the slot at the top.

The LVH1K has an integral 3/4" k.o. that you can break out and use "as is" or remove the center section for use with a 1" fitting.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-conductive, smooth plastic construction protects cable from damage.
  • Sturdy tabs provide extra-secure vertical or horizontal mounting of class 2, low voltage wiring.
  • Convenient wire tie-off through slot at top.
  • Versatile LVH1K permits the use of 3/4" EMT or a 1" fitting.
  • Costs 20% less than metal extension rings!

Installation Instructions...

For 3/4" K.O.

Break out the center of the LBH1K to use in 3/4" k.o.

Step 1 For 1" Fitting

To use with a 1" fitting, break the crescent-shaped portion out of the circular opening.

Step 1
Vertical mounting - 3/4" k.o. Step 2 Horizontal mounting - center removed for 1" fitting. Step 2
LVH1K mounted vertical on a wood stud. Step 31 LVH1K mounted horizontal on a wood stud. Step 3
1 Gang Vertical or Horizontal
Price: $1.17
1 Gang Vertical or Horizontal with K.O.
Price: $1.41