Middle Atlantic FTA Series Fan Tray System

FTA Series Fan Tray System Middle Atlantic Products

Locate fans directly above vents on hot equipment to get the hot air moving.

Innovative sliding rail system allows positioning of the tray at the front of the rack or towards the rear to match equipment vent locations. Can also be mounted front-to-back if desired to better match vents.

  • Uses from 3 to 8 quiet 4" DC fans (69CFM per fan)
  • 8 fan mounting positions let you locate fans exactly where needed
  • Energy saving thermostatic control for automatic on/off when needed
  • Powered by a single cord
  • Uses only one rackspace
  • Adjustable mounting range of 18" to 32"
  • Thermostatically Controlled fans turn on when the temperature reaches 87° F/30° C, and turn off at 85° F/29° C


Three 69 CFM Fans
207 CFM Total
Free Ground Shipping
Price: $315.75


Six 69 CFM Fans
414 CFM Total
Free Ground Shipping
Price: $398.25

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